Important Announcement:

Due to covid-19 and this challenging time, we have experienced a surge of applicants who express interest in becoming an online instructor. As an EdTech company, EC Talk continues to commit more fund and resources to empower instructors to provide great content and services online so that students can continue to learn almost anything from the comfort of their home. That comes the birth of LyveClass. Please check out the details below and see how LyveClass is a great place to teach a class.

How Does it Work?

LyveClass is a global freelancing platform for tutors, private instructors and educational content providers to

  1. discover tutoring opportunities, tutoring details, requests and compensation information posted by students/companies on the e-learning community. 

  2. connect to students 1 to 1 to identify tutoring needs.

  3. be discovered and hired by businesses such as schools and EdTech companies.

  4. become a freelancer and run an online educational store on the LyveClass e-learning platform; sell lessons and contents in pre-recorded video, livestream or PDF formats; use free short videos or livestream webinars to generate leads and subscriptions.

  5. enjoy a one-stop experience in which allows teachers to create and run an educator channel, publish lesson details, set tutoring rates, topics and availability for students to discover and subscribe. The educator channel is also seamlessly integrated with Zoom meeting which allows teachers to conveniently schedule and hold livestream lessons for 1 to 1, small or large group classes at anytime anywhere.   


note : LyveClass also allows education companies and private schools to establish educational channel on the e-learning platform, upload educational content for sale, publish job postings or make direct contact with registered members/teachers on the platform to fill business or staffing needs. Please connect to discuss business cooperation.

How to Get Started?

Register an educator account directly through the website Sign up is free!

We look forward to having you become part of the lyveClass community along with other instructors around the world! We will continue to invest fund and resources to help you succeed, please stay tuned with our email newsletter and webiste.

Note: The following postings are still accepting applications. Although the hiring is still on going, we cannot respond to / hire all applicants. Therefore we encourage applicants to use LyveClass (the e-learning platform owned by EC Talk) as an alternative way to teach a class. EC Talk invests funds and resources to drive student volume/leads to you so that you will become successful as an online instructor. 

Posting #1:

Freelance English/Japanese Online Teacher

(On-going hiring) 

Join us with thousands of other English/Japanese Teacher from North America and make money in your spare time.

EC Talk is an online language teaching school and is established in Toronto with extensive business connections with schools and tutoring centers in local marketplace in China. We have built a successful in-house teaching team who have been vigorously designing and writing extensive teaching curriculum that best fits the needs of Chinese students from K-12 to university to adults. In the meantime, we have also been dedicated and eagerly connecting thousands of other language experts in North America with students in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan!

Whether you are a new or veteran teacher, we can provide you with a platform to market your skills and expertise in the online marketplace and help you get students from China.

2 easy steps to get students from China:

  • register on our website on and set up a teacher profile. With the newly introduced lesson booking system, you simply need to submit your resume and any teacher certificate copies and we will set up a teacher profile for you and post them to the website.

  • Once your profile is published on our site, students can browse your information and you will get a response from them directly on the website.

Some AMAZING PERKS about teaching with us:

  • Earn income at home in your free time by teaching your native languages.

  • No prep work or overnight lesson planning needed. We feel your pain and understand that you mightnothave any clue about what to teach. Not to worry! We will provide you with lesson plans!

  • Use our all-inclusive platform to teach for FREE! You will be amazed how much you can do in ourall-inclusiveteaching platform. You can teach,advertise yourself, gives incentives to students to book your lessons. Hurry! Using the platform for free is a limited timeoffer only! Register early to secure your free account!

  • Skip the traditional lengthy interview process and reach out to thousands of potential students directly! No more waiting and annoying interviews before you get hired. And you get hired by students directly!

Feeling excited and ready to rock? Get started by sending us your resume to and answering a few questions below. We will do some initial screening and once the account is established, you will receive login information and your profile will be published within 7-10 business days.

Job Types: Contract, Commission, Freelance

Salary: $15.00 to $20.00 /hour

  • What is the highest level of education you have completed?

  • Do you have the following license or certification: Teacher's License?

  • Do you have the following license or certification: TJSOL Japanese Teachers?

  • Do you have the following license or certification: TOEFL?

Get started by sending us your resume to


Posting #2: Lesson Content Writer (Chinese/Japanese/English)

(On-going hiring) 


To meet the growing need of the business, we are currently looking for talented teachers who speaks fluent Chinese or Japanese to join our content creation team at EC Talk. 

Job Description:
      -this is a contract role;
      -create lesson plans (Chinese/Japanese/English) aligned with international language proficiency standard for the teaching team on part time basis;
      -lesson plan project will be based on a defined learning objective provided by EC Talk; 
      -compensation will be based on agreed upon work hours and number of lesson plans created;

      - pay $12-30 per hour;

Ideal candidates experts on the subject matters;
     -Familiar with international language proficiency standard about one of these languages: Chinese, Japanese or English.
     -Prior teaching/lesson plan development experience required; experience of teaching courses online is an asset
     -Bachelor’s degree


How to Apply:

Please submit your resume and cover letter to our email:

Only selected candidates will be contacted for interviews, thanks!

Hiring tips: submit a minute short video introduction about yourself skills and background will help us notice your talent faster!

Posting #3:

Certified Teachers Fluent in Chinese or Japanese

(on-going hiring) 

We are currently looking for certified teachers (or in the process of getting teacher certificate) who speaks fluent Chinese or Japanese to join our teaching team at EC Talk. 

TWO different kinds of teaching options available:

1) Real Time Online Language Teaching (teach early mornings EST)
   - Teach Chinese or Japanese lessons in real time for students aged 15-30 online;
   - 25 to 40 minutes highly engaging full immersion lessons on 1-on-1 setting;
   - Pay rate $8 - 11 per lesson (25 minutes)

2) Video Teaching (make your own schedule)
   - Create your own lessons at home based on defined teaching objective provided by EC Talk;
   - Record video lessons at your own schedule at home using EC Talk's industry leading education platform;
   - Pay rate $8 - 11 per video lesson 

Ideal candidates need be:

   -Energetic, friendly and knowledgeable about the subject matter;
   -Prior teaching experience required- experience of teaching courses online is an asset
   -Bachelor’s degree
-Tech Requirements: Desktop or Laptop with Fast Internet connection and audio/video capability (e.g. headset, PC HD Camera and microphone for recording purposes)

How to Apply:

Please submit your resume and cover letter to our email:

Only selected candidates will be contacted for interviews, thanks!

Hiring tips: submit a minute short video introduction about yourself skills and background will help us notice your talent faster!

We are on a mission to connect North American language talents with thousands of students from China.

Send us an email to ask more details. We are excited to hear from you.


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